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The Confederation of Indian Small and Medium Enterprises (CISME) is a not-for-profit Organisation that welcomes all in the entrepreneurial community into it fraternity. CISME has been pioneered by a group of entrepreneurs, and is aimed to work closely with both the public and the private sectors to ensure that businesses in India can operate in a conducive and vibrant environment.

With the entrepreneurs and their business in mind, CISME is dedicated to playing a pivotal role in creating a robust business ecosystem that is favourable to the success of SMEs. At CISME, we have put in place a holistic framework that includes a variety of effective activities and services tailored to meet the needs of our members and all other SMEs across the globe.

With a wide array of services and programmes, CISME is well-poised to facilitate the growth and development of a large pool of SMEs in India as it looks towards creating a conducive business environment and effective platform for the success of domestic enterprises. Together with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and the individual behind the enterprise, CISME will continue to strive towards enhancing its position as the business association for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

In its efforts towards promoting the interest of SMEs in the country, CISME hopes to distinguish itself by bringing together not only for those who are directly involved with these sectors but also all those experts and intellectuals, business leaders and policy makers, consumer groups and non governmental organizations who have an interest in infrastructure progress.

CISME is committed to becoming a fountainhead of innovative ideas and practical policy approaches that forge strong public private partnerships and triggers quantum jumps in the qualitative growth and performance by bringing together dynamic minds in every sphere of life who have confidence in the growth potential of our country and are willing to find and implement solutions that place India on to a sustainable higher growth trajectory. We strongly believe that there is an urgent need to bring to bear on our government policies and business practices greater application of collective wisdom that transcends narrow sectoral interests and administrative turfs.